Modecom Volcano Gamer, Kailh Brown Switch, Eng, Black

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ID: 163680 Prekės kodas: K-MC-GAMER-U-BROWN
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Garantija: 2 metai
Panašūs produktai
Papildomas sertifikavimas
Papildoma informacija gamintojo svetainėje Modecom Volcano Gamer, Kailh Brown Switch, Eng, Black
Cable length - 1.8 m
Category - Root/Electronics/PC peripherals/Keyboards
Color - Black
Colour - Black
Connection - Wired
Connector type - USB
Dane techniczne: długość przewodu - 1.8 m
Dane techniczne: Gwarancja - 2 lata w serwisie sprzedawcy
Dane techniczne: klawisze numeryczne - tak
Dane techniczne: kolor - czarny
Dane techniczne: liczba klawiszy - 104 szt.
Dane techniczne: podpórka pod nadgarstki - tak (demontowalna)
Dane techniczne: podświetlenie - tak
Dane techniczne: Producent - Modecom
Dane techniczne: przeznaczenie - dla graczy
Dane techniczne: typ klawiatury - tradycyjna
Dane techniczne: typ klawiszy - mechaniczne
Dane techniczne: wymiary - 445 x 206 x 42 mm (wymiary z podkładką na nadgarstki)
Dane techniczne: łączność - przewodowa
MODECOM VOLCANO GAMER is a professional mechanical keyboard for players. This product will enable you to carry out the most spectacular missions in the world of computer games. MODECOM VOLCANO GAMER is a product equipped with excellent components. Thanks to them, you can be sure that the keyboard will not let you down, when you will repel enemy troops in trenches, or when speeding through the speed of light through alien galaxies, you will fight a stellar fight with hostile extraterrestrials. Each key in the VOLCANO GAMER keyboard is a separate structure, the most important element of which is an advanced mechanical switch with a rapid activation time. Thanks to the switches, you will always have an advantage over your opponents. And the advanced, fully-adjustable keylight function will let you continue playing even when it's dark.
Mechanical type keyboard
Mechanical keyboard is the best solution for professional players. In mechanical keyboards, each key is a separate structure, thanks to which these keyboards are characterized by rapid response time, precision, durability and high comfort of use. The MODECOM VOLCANO GAMER keyboard is equipped with blue type switches, which provide exceptional sensitivity, comfort of operation and a characteristic sound emitted when pressing keys. The keyboard is also available in a version equipped with brown switches that are clearly quieter than blue ones.
The indelible keys
In the MODECOM VOLCANO GAMER keyboard, we used high quality key pads that were made using the double-injection molding method. The cover made with this method consists of two separate elements: external (with window) and internal with print. Thanks to this method, the imprint will not be damaged even by intensive use.
Full anti-ghosting
The Anti-Ghosting function opens up new horizons for entertainment! Fighting in the style of Mortal Kombat ™ with your partner on one keyboard? Now it is possible without worrying about the comfort of the game.
Fully adjustable LED backlight
The MODECOM VOLCANO GAMER keyboard is equipped with a fully adjustable LED backlight in red. The user can create their own profiles, in which only the selected keys will be highlighted (adapted to a particular game or to their own preferences).
Removable wrist rest
The MODECOM GAMER keyboard is equipped with a wrist rest that allows comfortable use of the keyboard for many hours. People who do not need a pad will be able to dismantle it very easily.
Key features
Mechanical keyboard (blue and brown switch), 104 keys, keys made by the "double-injection" method, Windows key lock, multimedia buttons
Special functions
Full anti-ghosting, red backlight, non-slip feet
dimension depth - 80 mm
dimension height - 465 mm
dimension weight - 1880 g
dimension width - 190 mm
Dimensions - - Dimensions: 445 × 206 × 42 mm
- Dimensions without wrist rest: 445 × 139 × 42 mm
Dodatkowe informacje: inne cechy - przełączniki: Kailh Brown | pełny antighosting
ean - 5901885248608
Eans - 5901885248608
guarantee - 24
guarantee_type - statutory
Interface - USB
Keyboard layout - US layout
Keyboard type - Gaming
Keyboard type - Mechanical-Switch
LED backlight - Yes
Length of power cable - 1.8 m
Mouse in bundle - No
Mouse included - No
Name - Modecom Volcano Gamer Brown
Operating system - Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Other features -
Power - USB 5V
producer - MODECOM
Producer - Modecom
ProducerCode - K-MC-GAMER-U-BROWN
ShortDescription - klawiatura przewodowa | QWERTY + numeryczna | gamingowa | czarno-czerwona | USB | 445 × 206 × 42 mm | | |
Type - Multimedia
Warranty - 24 months
Warranty - Warranty 24 months
54,15 €
Modecom Volcano Gamer, Kailh Brown Switch, Eng, Black
Tel.: +371 67275758 (darbo d. 9:00-18:00)
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