3Doodler Create Plus ball pen (Arctic White)

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ID: 278555 Prekės kodas: 3DRCW
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Garantija: 2 metai (Garantija juridiniams asmenims 1 metai)
85,16 €
Visi parametrai
Izejmateriāla diametrs, mm : 3.0
Maksimālā temperatūra, °C : 240
Printēšanas ātrums, mm/s : 10
Regulējama temperatūra : Nėra
Sprauslas diametrs, mm : 2.2
Papildomas sertifikavimas
Accessories included - Pen 3Doodler Create +  A set of filaments of 25 pieces x 3 (2x ABS and 1x PLA) AC adapter Unlocking tool The key to the nozzle Mini screwdriver Quick start guide and 5 step-by-step projects User manual
Card reader - None
Case material - Plastic
Category - Root/Home/Child/School supplies/3D pen
Color - White
Connectors - None
Dane techniczne: Gwarancja - 1 rok w serwisie zewnętrznym
Dane techniczne: Producent - 3Doodler
Depth - 18 mm
Description - 3DOODLER CREATE + Arctic White 3D printing ball pen
The new 3Doodler Create + pen has been completely redesigned and has a double drive to ensure you have ultra smooth printing. Improvements include greater durability, less risk of nozzle clogging and better speed control when working on large surfaces
or with complex details.
3Doodler Create + is a versatile tool that allows you to design clothes, create models, decorate space, repair or just play the possibilities are endless! From fancy masks and cute figurines, modern jewelry to catwalk outfits. A hand-made gift for a friend or an ornament for the next party. You will be surprised by what you can do with the 3D + Create +.
The pen is very friendly for beginners, you do not need outstanding manual or artistic skills, it is an ideal gift for anyone who loves to create.
The highest quality and the safest non-toxic filaments ABS and FLEXY, made in the USA, Great Britain and Spain, are available in more than 70 colors.
The most important features of the pen 3Doodler Create +: The world's first dual drive system in a 3D printing device Optimized for plastics PLA, ABS and FLEXY, and now almost never clog Automatic filament rewind to prevent leakage A new heating algorithm for increased efficiency More pronounced speed differences (increased speed for fast option, reduced speed for slow) The auto sleep function for greater safety of use A modern external appearance It has more filaments in the starter set than any other 3D pen on the market Included is a new better guide to the functions of the pen
dimension depth - 80 mm
dimension height - 270 mm
dimension weight - 660 g
dimension width - 110 mm
Display -
dodatkowe informacje - Maks. temperatura pracy platformy: 240°C | Zasilanie: 5 V DC
ean - 817005022612
Eans - 817005022612
Filament diameter - 3,00 mm
Filament type - ABS
Filament type - Flex
Filament type - PLA
guarantee - 24
guarantee_type - normal
Height - 157 mm
Model - Create +
name - 3D Create Plus ball pen (Arctic White)
Name - 3DOODLER Create Plus Długopis 3D 3DRCW​
No. of nozzles - 1
Nozzle diameter - 2.2 mm
obsługiwane filamenty - ABS
obsługiwane filamenty - FLEXY
obsługiwane filamenty - PLA
Other features - Platform working temperature: 240 °C Additional advantages: the ability to change the speed of the device, the ability to change the temperature of the nozzle Power supply: 5 V DC
Plate -
Print speed (max) - 10 mm/s
Print technology - FDM / FFF / PJP
producer - 3DOODLER
Producer - 3Doodler
ProducerCode - 3DRCW​
prędkość druku - 10 mm/s
segment - Home
ShortDescription -
Software -
System Requirements -
vendpn - 3DRCW
waga - 0.62 kg
Width - 20 mm
Workspace -
wymiary - 157 x 20 x 18 mm
średnica dyszy - 2.2 mm
średnica filamentu - 3 mm
85,16 €
3Doodler Create Plus ball pen (Arctic White)
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