Whitenergy AC Adapter 230V - 19V 4.74A connector 5.5*2.5 mm

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ID: 136430 Prekės kodas: 04136
Sandėlyje 27 vnt.
Garantija: 2 metai
18,58 €
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  • Tipas: Srovės adapteris 220V
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Tipas : Srovės adapteris 220V
Papildomas sertifikavimas
Papildoma informacija gamintojo svetainėje Whitenergy AC Adapter 230V - 19V 4.74A connector 5.5*2.5 mm
Additional information - AC configurator selection: www.whitenergy.pl/laptopy/zasilacze/en
Additional information - Acer Aspire Seria: 1350, 1400, Travelmte Seria: 420, 430
Additional information - D7500, Celsius Mobile Seria: A, H, H2, Amilo/Amilo Pro A7600, M7400, V1000
Additional information - Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook Series: C, X7595, S4572, E4010, E7110, E2000, A1010,
Additional information - pasuje do wszystkich notebooków o podanych parametrach zasilania i wtyczki
Additional information - plug dimensions (external/internal diameter) 5,5x2,5 mm
Additional information - Power cable included
Additional information - Toshiba Satelite Seria: 1110, 1115, 1130, 1135, 1600, 1700, 1900, 1905,
Additional information - Toshiba Satelite Seria: 1950, 1955, 2430, 2435, 3000, M30X-124
Category - Root/Electronics/Laptops | Tablets/Laptop accessories/Power supply units
Colour - Black
Compatible with - Satellite A500-1H1Satellite A500-1EESatellite L300-2CDSatellite L500-210Satellite L505-14LSatellite L505-13DSatellite Pro L500-1TXSatellite 1135-S156Satellite 1135-S1554Satellite 1135-S1553Satellite 1135-S1552Satellite 1135-S1551Satellite 1135-S155Satellite 1135-S125Satellite 1135Satellite 1130-Z30Satellite 1130-Z29Satellite 1130-Z25Satellite 1130-Z24Satellite 1130-SP155Satellite 1130-S156Satellite 1130-S155Satellite 1130-5QGSatellite 1130Satellite A100-ST8211Satellite A100-ST3211Satellite A100-ST2311Satellite A100-SP621Satellite A100-S8111TDSatellite A100-S2311TDSatellite A100-S2211TDSatellite A100-S2211Satellite A100Satellite L402Satellite L401Satellite L400Satellite U300-ST3091Satellite U300-11VSatellite U300-113Satellite U300Satellite P200-17CSatellite P200-144Satellite P200-143Satellite P200-12DSatellite P200-123Satellite P200-10OSatellite P200Satellite M70-356Satellite M70-239Satellite M70-236Satellite M70-226Satellite M70-204Satellite M70-189Satellite M70-186Satellite M70-183Satellite M70-175Satellite M70-122Satellite M70Satellite M65-SP959Satellite M65-SP811Satellite M65-S9093Satellite M65-S9092Satellite M65-S9091Satellite M65-S909Satellite M65-S9065Satellite M65-S9064Satellite M65-S9063Satellite M65-S9062Satellite M65-S821Satellite M65-S8091Satellite M65-S809Satellite M65Satellite M60-S811TDSatellite M60-S811STSatellite M60-S8112TDSatellite M60-S8112STSatellite M60-S6111TDSatellite M60-CD7Satellite M60-CD6Satellite M60-CD4Satellite M60-BK3Satellite M60-176Satellite M60-175Satellite M60-171Satellite M60-170Satellite M60-169Satellite M60-167Satellite M60-164Satellite M60-163Satellite M60-161Satellite M60-154Satellite M60-153Satellite M60-149Satellite M60-148Satellite M60-144Satellite M60-139Satellite M60-135Satellite M60-134Satellite M60-132Satellite M60-131Satellite M60-128Satellite M60-126Satellite M60-112Satellite M60-105Satellite M60-104Satellite M60-103Satellite M60Satellite L40-139Satellite L40Satellite L30-142Satellite L30-134Satellite L30-11GSatellite L30-115Satellite L30-114Satellite L30-10XSatellite L30-10VSatellite L30-10SSatellite L30-101Satellite L30Satellite L100-194Satellite L100-175Satellite L100-173Satellite L100-141Satellite L100-140Satellite L100-121Satellite L100-111Satellite L100-105Satellite L100Satellite A210-135Satellite A210-12USatellite A210-11PSatellite A210-11KSatellite A210Satellite A135Satellite A110-334Satellite A110-294Satellite A110-293Satellite A110-253Satellite A110-228Satellite A110-225Satellite A110-212Satellite A110-203Satellite A110-195Satellite A110-133Satellite A110-110Satellite A110-101Satellite A110Satellite A105-S3611Satellite A105-S361Satellite A105-S2719Satellite A105-S2717Satellite A105-S2716Satellite A105-S2712Satellite A105-S2021Satellite A105-S1712Satellite A105-S171Satellite A105-S101Satellite A105Satellite 2435-S256Satellite 2435-S255Satellite 2435Satellite 2430-S256Satellite 2430-S255Satellite 2430Satellite 1955-S807Satellite 1955-S806Satellite 1955-S805Satellite 1955-S804Satellite 1955-S803Satellite 1955-S802Satellite 1955-S801Satellite 1955Satellite 1950Satellite 1905-S329Satellite 1905-S311Satellite 1905-S304Satellite 1905-S303Satellite 1905-S302Satellite 1905-S301Satellite 1905-S278Satellite 1905-S277Satellite 1905Satellite 1900-S305Satellite 1900-303Satellite 1900Satellite 1110-S153Satellite 1110Satellite 1105Satellite 1100-S101Satellite 1100Satellite M35X-S3291Satellite M35X-S329Satellite M35X-S3111Satellite M35X-S311Satellite M35X-S3091Satellite M35X-S309Satellite M35X-S3491Satellite M35X-S1611Satellite M35X-S161Satellite M35X-S349Satellite M35X-S1491Satellite M35X-S149Satellite M35xSatellite M30X-S214Satellite M30xSatellite L45Satellite L25-SP139Satellite L25-S1217Satellite L25Satellite Pro U300-13PSatellite Pro U300-10ZSatellite Pro U300-10WSatellite Pro U300-10USatellite Pro U300Satellite Pro M70-237Satellite Pro M70-220Satellite Pro M70-125Satellite Pro M70Satellite Pro M50-242Satellite Pro M50-241Satellite Pro M50-240Satellite Pro M50-239Satellite Pro M50-238Satellite Pro M50Satellite Pro M15-S406Satellite Pro M15-S405Satellite Pro M15Satellite Pro L40-19OSatellite Pro L40-19ISatellite Pro L40-18JSatellite Pro L40-17HSatellite Pro L40-17GSatellite Pro L40-17FSatellite Pro L40-15ESatellite Pro L40-15DSatellite Pro L40-15CSatellite Pro L40-14RSatellite Pro L40-135Satellite Pro L40-15ASatellite Pro L40-12TSatellite Pro L40-12SSatellite Pro L40-12RSatellite Pro L40-12QSatellite Pro L40Satellite Pro L100-176Satellite Pro L100-132Satellite Pro L100Satellite Pro A30Satellite Pro A100-708Satellite Pro A100-707Satellite Pro A100-577Satellite Pro A100-574Satellite Pro A100-564Satellite Pro A100-545Satellite Pro A100-538Satellite Pro A100-536Satellite Pro A100-532Satellite Pro A100-531Satellite Pro A100-518Satellite Pro A100-514Satellite Pro A100-511Satellite Pro A100-501Satellite Pro A100-297Satellite Pro A100-296Satellite Pro A100-264Satellite Pro A100-263Satellite Pro A100-262Satellite Pro A100-247Satellite Pro A100-244Satellite Pro A100-242Satellite Pro A100-240Satellite Pro A100-229Satellite Pro A100-03RSatellite Pro A100-03QSatellite Pro A100-01ASatellite Pro A100-00SSatellite Pro A100-00iSatellite Pro A100Equium M70Equium L100-186Equium L100Equium A110-276Equium A110-252Equium A110-233Equium A110Dynabook V7Dynabook TX-980LSDynabook TX-860LSDynabook TX-850LSDynabook TX-770LSDynabook TX-760LSDynabook TX-745LSDynabook CX-975LSDynabook CX-955LSDynabook CX-835LSDynabook AX-840LSDynabook AX-740LSDynabook AX-730LSDynabook AXSatellite M30X-124Satellite 3000Satellite 2435Satellite 2430Satellite 1955Satellite 1950Satellite 1905Satellite 1900Satellite 1700Satellite 1600Satellite 1135Satellite 1130Satellite 1115Satellite 1110Satellite A300Satellite A350-13ASatellite L505Satellite A660Satellite Pro U300GE600EX625MD 5400RAM2000 PCMD 40200Pro 8100IWSPro 8100IPro 6110IW SelectPro 6110IWPro 6100IWPro 6100IPro 6000IEco 4700IW Top SelectEco 4700IW SelectEco 4700IWEco 4500AEco 4100IEEco 4100IWEco 4000AR700V460K46IdeaPad Y730IdeaPad Y710IdeaPad Y650IdeaPad Y560IdeaPad Y550AIdeaPad Y550IdeaPad Y530IdeaPad Y510IdeaPad Y460IdeaPad Y450IdeaPad Y430IdeaPad Y330IdeaPad U560IdeaPad U550IdeaPad U460SIdeaPad U460IdeaPad U455IdeaPad U450PIdeaPad U450IdeaPad U360IdeaPad U350IdeaPad U330IdeaPad U110IdeaPad G560AIdeaPad G5503000 Y5003000 Y4303000 Y4103000 Y4003000 Y3103000 Y3003000 Y2003000 G5553000 G5303000 G5103000 G4553000 G4303000 G4103000 G4003000 G230IdeaPad Y710IdeaPad Y730IdeaPad G550IdeaPad Y530N90Gericom Top NoteGericom IPCGericom CommanderGericom PhantomGericom 1st SupersonicGericom MilleniumGericom Silver SeraphGericom WebgineGericom WebboyGericom GigabookGericom HolywoodGericom OverdoseGericom Silver ShadowAmilo V1000Amilo M7400Amilo A7600LifeBook H2LLifeBook HLifeBook ALifeBook D7500LifeBook A1010LifeBook E2000LifeBook E7110LifeBook LE4010LifeBook S4572LifeBook X7595LifeBook C6637LifeBook C2000LifeBook C1010LifeBook C1110Celsius H700Delta NotebookJoyBook S73VJoyBook S73GJoyBook S73JoyBook R56JoyBook R55VEGJoyBook R55VEJoyBook R55VJoyBook R55VUJoyBook R55Z53TX51vlX51X53SGX55X70FX59SLW7SW7JW3JW2WW2VcW2VbW2PW2JcW2JbW1VcW1VbW1Jc CarbonW1JbW1 CarbonV2SV2JeV1SV1JpV1JM6VaU3SVX2SVX2SVX2VX1G2SLG2PcG2PbG2PG1SG1F9EF9DcF8SvF8SaF7FF5NF5VIF5VF3UF3TcF3TF3SvF3SrF3SeF3ScF3SaF3PF3MF3LF3KeF3KaF3JvF3JrF3JpF3JmF3JcF3JaF3EC90B53A8TmA8TcA8SrA8ScA8NA8JsA8JpA8DcA7VcA7VbA7VA7SvA7SA7JcA7JbA7JA7GcA7GA7FA7DcA7DbA7DA7CdA7CA6VmA6VaA6VA6KmA6JeA6JaA6JA2LpA2KA2CF3F5F6F8F80F9N20N50M70M51M50A7V1SNK50K50INX50UL30AN61K70Z53K52K52jA6MTravelMate 430TravelMate 420Aspire 1400Aspire 1350Ferrari 5000Ferrari 1000Ferrari 4000Ferrari 3000U30Amilo D6820eMachines E625X52
Connector type - AC Power
Description - The expensive power supply is a thing of the past!
Whitenergy offers the highest quality dedicated laptop replacement power supplies, available on our market. The massive housing of the Whitenergy power supply contains conceivable components that you will not find in cheap counterparts. Poor quality replacements are particularly dangerous for your laptop, because to reduce production costs, they are created from very low quality components. A common practice among suppliers of cheap replacements is the regeneration of components (ie refreshing old components). By purchasing our power supplies you can be sure that each element of the power supply is brand new.
Whitenergy power supply is 100% compatible with the original power supply, built from identical components, which gives you confidence that you use the highest quality equipment that will ensure the security of your laptop. The prices of originals reach even PLN 600 and it is a considerable expense. Thanks to our replacements, you can be sure that by paying a fraction of this price, you get an equally high-quality product.
The weight of the power supply first of all
The image presented below indicates the difference between the standard power supply and the Whitenergy brand. At first glance, you can see that our power supply is made of very high quality components, equipped with a greater number of electronic components, including copper-ferrite chokes, filters and screens. Thanks to this, as one of the few on the market, they meet the restrictive standards of EMC, LVD, RoHS2 - they do not interfere with electrical devices and do not suffer such disturbances. They also have surge protection from the mains and overcharging. This is why the Whitenergy power supplies weigh by min. 20% more than cheap replacements.
The Whitenergy power supply range is a wide range of products, the compatibility of which covers 99% of notebook models on the market.
Power cords
When buying a power supply, it is worth paying attention to the cables connected to the device. The Whitenergy power supply has a high quality cable in the set, along with a ferrite filter and a band, making it easier to roll up the cable. An additional advantage of the power supplies is a long cable, which will ensure the freedom of use of the laptop, even in conditions of difficult access to the socket. The length of the power cable (from the socket to the power supply) is approx. 1.5 m, and the length of the cable from the power supply to your laptop is 1.8 m. The total length of the cable is over 3 m! Whitenergy power supplies are the best power alternative for your laptop!
Equipment insurance
To protect your equipment and give you confidence in the high quality of our replacement, buying a Whitenergy power supply, you get insurance up to 10,000 Euro. This means that if our power supply in any way will damage your valuable equipment, we will refund your money in the amount of the equipment, up to a maximum of EUR 10,000. We guarantee that our product is 100% safe and designed in accordance with the highest EMC standards applicable on the European market, which is why we are able to offer such insurance that can not be provided by the manufacturer, who sells cheap and low-quality alternatives.
- Line filters and circuits that reduce the current stroke during power-up.
- The rectifier system.
- PFC (cosine improvement φ) - power factor correction (PFC - power factor correction) - power factor increase.
- PWM (Pulse-width modulation) - pulse width modulator. This system powers the device directly or through a low-pass filter, which smoothes the voltage or current waveform.
- Rectifier module and output voltage filtration.
- Protection circuits, control and adjustment of the output voltage.
- Power cable equipped with a ferrite filter
- Construction identical to the original
- Equipment insurance up to 10,000 Euro
- Total cable length of more than 3m
dimension depth - 85 mm
dimension height - 160 mm
dimension weight - 457 g
dimension width - 190 mm
ean - 5908214304264
Eans - 5908214304264
Gross weight - 0.53 kg
guarantee - 24
guarantee_type - normal
Height - 33 mm
In box - AC adapterPower cableInstruction
Length - 135 mm
More info - http://www.whitenergy.com/
name - AC ADAPTER 19V | 4.74A 90W connector 5.5*2.5mm (04136)
Name - Whitenergy do Acer 90W 19V (wtyk 5.5x2.5)
Net weight - 0.46 kg
Output current (max) - 4.74 A
Output voltage - 19 V
Plug - - No pin
- Outer diameter / inner diameter.: 5.5 x 2.5 mm
Power supply output current - 90 W
producer - Whitenergy
Producer - Whitenergy
ProducerCode - 04136
Replaces batteries -
ShortDescription - Zasilacz Whitenergy do Acer 90W 19V 4.74A (wtyk 5.5x2.5)
Type of product - AC adapter
Use - network
vendpn - 04136
Warranty - Warranty 24 months
Width - 60 mm
18,58 €
Whitenergy AC Adapter 230V - 19V 4.74A connector 5.5*2.5 mm
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